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October 7, 2011
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Chapter 7

--- In Sammy's room----

Sammy was crying, all alone in her room. She could not believe that Mikan had done that to a poor dragon. She'd known they were going to have to be mean to it and possibly kill it to make the students afraid of them, but t make it go through al that pain? Just to get some stares and names? She started to cry again when she heard a knock at her door. If it was Mikan she would not let her come in. "Who is it?" she called.

"It's me….. Ruka…." Came the answer. She could've sworn she heard him blush. Sammy smiled a little at the sound of his voice, and then caught herself.

"Come in," she commanded. He complied a little nervously.

"Hi Sammy-chan. I wanted to see how you were doing since…." He stopped, a far away look in his eye. One of pain, very much like hers. She started to cry again, as if on cue. Ruka looked flabberghasted. He didn't know what to do. He went and sat next to her, all the while never taking his eyes off of her. Sammy noticed this and started crying more.

"Don't look at me like that! I'm so pityfull….." she yelled.

"No you're not.." he whispered. Sammy looked up, surprised. "Why not? I am totally pityfull. Why are you even here Mr. Know-It-All? You saw what we did to that dragon, go away. Don't- Don't—Don't think I won't do the same to you!!" she shouted out of frustration, of both humiliation and keeping up the facquade. He kept staring at her seeming unperturbed by her words. In fact he seemed to be getting closer…. So close she could almost swim in his eyes…. "Wait what am I thinking?" Sammy thought, slightly shaking her head. This seemed to catch her attention.

"No…?" he questioned. Sammy blushed and mentally cursed while trying to think of an excuse. "Ummm.. ummm…" she stuttered helplessly, while still staring at his eyes. She couldn't bring her self to lie to him, "I was just thinking how pretty your eyes are," she whispered.

Ruka blushed at this slightly but grinned too, "Not as pretty as yours. Their NATURAL color I mean." Sammy's eyes widened. "So he found out? Why am I not surprised?" she thought and then took off her contact lenses, revealing her light blue irises. Ruka's smile widened and Sammy's blush deepened.

"Why are you smiling baka?" she asked, while looking down trying to hide her deepening blush. She felt his fingers lift her face. "Because you're beautiful," he whispered, close enough for her to smell he'd been eating chocolate before going to her room. In one fluid motion he sealed the distance between them with a kiss, as deep as their ocean blue eyes. Sammy swore her face was going to burst on fire.

------------- Natsume's POV--------------------

I ran. I ran as fast as these weakening legs of mine could carry me. My breath came out in puffs as I forced my self to run faster, towards the place where they had taken my love. "Almost there…" I thought, and quickened my pace.

Finally, after what seemed to be eternity, I arrived at the said place, the ESP's office. I gasped as he tried to regain my breath, while standing at the entrance. Suddenly I saw a shadow run by. My eyes widened and I readied himself for action. It ran by again and I saw that this said "thing" was way too close too the ground to be human… my eyes narrowed and I called to it as it ran by again. It stopped and ran towards me and I let out a sigh of relief. It was Tetra. "Kid!" she called to me. "What're you doing here?" I analyzed her briefly and decided she knew nothing of what had occurred to Mikan.

"Mikan's been kidnapped by Persona and Shiro; they say they're going to torture her and I'm here to rescue her," I said walking past her. Well, over. Tetra's eyes widenned. "Wait kid!" she called but I ignored her. "I said wait!" she yelled biting my foot. "Ouch!" I exclaimed, "What do you want?!"

" You can't go in there alone, it would be suicide! Besides you have the Fourth Alice type don't you? So you would end up getting killed and not rescuing Mikan if you go there now." Her words made me freeze. I knew she was right…. Yet…

"I can't leave her,"  I stated. She looked at me in the eye, "I know. Neither can I. Which is why we're going to come back and gather many people, the whole school even, if we can. We're going to gather them and open their eyes to the horrors of the school. And then together we shall fight. And we will get her back, Natsume Hyuuga. I promise you that."
OK! So... Hallelujah I updated! :'D ^^; Sorry about the really late update! I really was busy and I had a kind of writers block/ unmotivated slightly depressed moment. :'D So yeah... I dedicate this chapter to ~Creastmoom3 for getting me motivated again. :D Sorry again for the late update and thank you to all you people who have read this story, I probably wouldn't have updated without your comments. ^^

"Their kiss was as deep as their ocean blue eyes.." Good God what was i thinking? O.o Oh well. XD Everyone can have a cheesy line at some point. :P

Sammy belongs to: :iconsamuraisammy: Finally got your SammyxRuka in there. :D

Tetra belongs to: :iconxxowlflightxx:

I do not own Galuen Alice sadly. ENJOY~!
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You need to write the next chapter to it! Finish the story! XD
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lol XDDD So was it a good surprise? : D

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